Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink

Happy Sunday friends! Today I have a new eye shadow palette from Dior to share with you. Dior's Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink* ($63 CAD) is one of the five new palettes that I have to share with you over the next little while. I've tried out a few of Dior's palettes, and I've always been really impressed, so I was really excited to try out these new shades! The Dior Designer 5-Colour Palettes contain 4 powder shadows and a gel liner, so you can create a complete eye look!

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink

"Inspired by professional techniques and textures, this palette lets you create easy, stand-out eyes. Achieve flawless, sculpted eye looks and color graduation with these five semi-tones, while the designer textures allow for infinite layering with a sheer finish. This palette features a powder base that smooths, evens out, and prepares lids for application of longer-lasting, eye shadow color. Enriched with pearlescent pigments, its array of satiny eye shadows deliver high-pigment power with a luminous finish that creates a 3-D, sculpted effect. The shimmering highlighter imparts an ultra-fine film of light onto the eyelid, and the dense eyeliner finishes off the look by defining the eyes with an elevated, matte glow." - Sephora

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink

The shadows in this palette are very sheer, and not very buildable. I'm all for a neutral eye look, but I still do want my shadows to be pigmented. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to build up these shadows at all, and the liner was streaky at best. The liner also smudges quite easily - girls with oily lids beware! My eyes were left looking like I barely touched them, not like I just used a $63 Dior palette. I wasn't able to build up any sort of definition in the crease, and all of the shadows blended together too easily. The powder shadows do have a creamy and silky formula to them, so if you're into sheer shadows then you might really like this palette. 

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink Swatches

If you prefer sheer shadows, then you might like this palette from Dior. However, I think most people are looking for more of a punch, even from neutral shadows. If that's the case, then I think you'll be disappointed in this palette. The shadows look so pretty in the pan, but unfortunately the pigmentation just isn't there! It comes down to personal preference, but this palette just isn't for me.

Do you prefer sheer or more pigmented shadows?

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  1. This is so disappointing... Such high hopes for this! :(
    Oh well, better luck next time! ;) I hear sleek has a very similar product (plus it's much more affordable!)

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. I know, so disappointing! Ooh I'll have to check out Sleek, thanks for the recommendation! :)


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