Monday, 8 June 2015

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design & Diorshow Mascara in Purple

Yesterday I reviewed Dior's Designer 5-Colour Palette in Nude Pink, and today I'm back with the Purple Design* palette! If you read yesterday's review, then you'll know that I wasn't super impressed with Nude Pink - the shadows were very sheer and not at all buildable. I'm happy to say that I had a little bit more success with  Purple Design, and I had fun adding in even more colour with the Diorshow Mascara in Purple* ($32)!

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette

"Inspired by professional techniques and textures, this palette lets you create easy, stand-out eyes. Achieve flawless, sculpted eye looks and color graduation with these five semi-tones, while the designer textures allow for infinite layering with a sheer finish. This palette features a powder base that smooths, evens out, and prepares lids for application of longer-lasting, eye shadow color. Enriched with pearlescent pigments, its array of satiny eye shadows deliver high-pigment power with a luminous finish that creates a 3-D, sculpted effect. The shimmering highlighter imparts an ultra-fine film of light onto the eyelid, and the dense eyeliner finishes off the look by defining the eyes with an elevated, matte glow." - Sephora

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design Swatches

Dior's Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design contains 4 powder shadows and a gel liner, so you can create a complete eye look! These shadows have varying degrees of pigmentation - the dark purple having the most pigmentation, and the two shimmering pale beige/pink shadows being incredibly sheer. The middle pink shadow offers a nice wash of colour, and I've been using it all over my lid. The deep purple is a good crease colour, and I was able to create some definition with this palette. Finally, the eggplant purple gel liner is just okay - the colour can be built up with a few swipes, but I did find the formula to be a bit dry and hard to work with. I would much rather use my trusty black liquid liner!

Diorshow Mascara in Purple

Diorshow Mascara in Purple

Dior has revamped their Diorshow Mascara line, and I've been playing around with some of the more colourful shades! This packaging now includes the patented Air-Lock™ wiper, which prevents the formula from being in contact with the air. This means that your $32 tube of mascara will stay fresher longer! The brush for this mascara is quite large, but I don't actually find it to be that volumizing. The purple colour coats my lashes nicely, and I love that it isn't too vibrant of a purple - it's still wearable. I'm lucky to have quite good lashes naturally, so this mascara still gets the job done. However, if you have short, straight lashes, then I think that this formula will weigh them down. 

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design

Dior Designer 5-Colour Palette in Purple Design

While Purple Design was a bit more pigmented than Nude Pink, it still didn't really wow me. The purple Diorshow Mascara was really fun to try out, but it's a bit pricey for a mascara that I won't be using everyday. I do think that the purple colour would really flatter anyone with brown eyes, and I love that the purple isn't too vibrant or over the top. So, I think that you can skip the palette, but the coloured mascara could be a fun addition to your makeup bag!
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  1. How pretty!

  2. I don't see this palette as a must-have, and especially not at this price point, but these are definitely colours I would wear (I actually wore pink & purple shadows yesterday). The mascara does look fun though.

    1. Ya, it's a fun palette and the colours are pretty, but it is definitely a splurge!


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