Sunday, 28 June 2015

Nair Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Face Wax

My blonde eyebrows mean that I can go a bit longer than normal between pluck/wax sessions. However, just because I can get away with it, doesn't mean that I should. Waxing my brows is always something that I put off, but Nair's Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Face Wax* is so easy to use, and relatively pain-free, I really have no excuses anymore! 

"Infused with restorative, 100% natural Moroccan Argan Oil, this breakthrough wax technology works on very short facial hair and washes clean with water for beautiful, long-lasting results." - Nair

Nair Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Face Wax

This wax kit contains a tube of wax, 20 cloth strips, and a precision stick. To use, simply place the tube of wax (with the lid on tight) in a hot cup of water for 2 minutes. This will warm up the wax, making it easier to use. Then, you can screw on the roller top, or just remove the cap. I personally find the roller top a bit hard to use, and prefer to use apply the wax with the precision stick. You can use this wax on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and eyebrows, but I've just used it on my brows. I find it really easy to apply the wax precisely, and the strips are just the right size and thickness. Like I said earlier, this process is relatively pain free (thanks to the Argan oil & orange blossom), and you'll be done a lot faster compared to plucking! 

Nair Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Face Wax

I find at home brow waxing to be sooo much more convenient compared to heading out to a salon every few weeks and having to walk around in public with bright red skin! Now, you can easily wax your own brows (or any other facial area) in the comfort of your own home. I really love this new Argan oil range, it's so gentle yet still super effective!

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  1. i definitely appreciate not having to walk around bright red when i do my waxing at home! :)

  2. Waxing my brows is something I have never tried to do, surprisingly. And I've been so lazy lately that I just shave them, lol! I really don't have many that grows anymore anyway, so I just clean them out when I know I'll be taking a close-up picture (like for a mascara review or something like that).

    1. I can't imagine shaving my brows! I feel like I'd really mess up and shave off half a brow!


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