Saturday, 4 July 2015

ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Happy Saturday and Fourth of July to all of my American friends! & to all of my Canadian friends, I hope you're all enjoying what's left of the Canada Day long weekend - I know I am! Today I have a really fun product to share with you - ChapStick's MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie! I'm a bit of a lip balm fiend, so when I first heard about this new formula I was super excited! I love anything banana scented, and the scent of this lip balm does not disappoint...

ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • An ultra-hydrating, two-sided lip balm with Strawberry on one side and Banana on the other
  • Use each flavor individually, or mix ‘em together to create Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Provides 8 hours of moisturization with 11 moisturizers including Aloe" - ChapStick
ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This ChapStick is dual ended, with one side having a strawberry scent, and the other having a banana scent. The banana scent is my favourite - you can find strawberry scented products everywhere, but banana is a bit harder to come by! You can use either side on its' own, or you can mix them together to get a Strawberry Banana Smoothie scent! I typically just use one side at a time, since you really can't smell the lip balm after you've applied it. 

ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie

While I absolutely love the scents of these balms, I do find the formula a bit thin. If you have dry lips, you'll definitely need something a bit more intensive. The scent of these MixStix is definitely the selling point, and I'm a bit disappointed that they don't have a creamier formula. I only get 45 minutes to an hour of hydration from this lip balm, which definitely isn't ideal. 

ChapStick MixStix Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So, I have mixed feelings on ChapStick's MixStix! While the scents are incredible, the formula is just a bit too thin for my liking. Overall, this is a really fun product - I absolutely love the dual ended packaging - but don't expect the advertised 8 hours of moisturization! 

Have you tried out ChapStick's MixStix yet? What two flavours/scents would you like to see come together in one dual ended balm?

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  1. The sound of a banana lip balm really appeals to me! :P


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