Sunday, 5 July 2015

THEFACESHOP FACE IT GEL Touch Nail Polish in GL 111

My wedding is under 2 months away, and I'm starting to think about what nail polish I want to wear on the big day. My wedding colours are mint green and gold, so I was thinking that a shimmery gold polish would be perfect! I've been testing out THEFACESHOP's FACE IT GEL Touch Nail Polish in GL 111*, which is a shimmery, glittery, gold polish with a super shiny finish!

THEFACESHOP FACE IT GEL Touch Nail Polish in GL 111

"From pool parties to festivals, vacations to beach bumming – there’s no better time to break out your blindingly bright polishes then the summer season. Make sure you mani lasts through hot summer days to long summer nights with THEFACESHOP’s FACE IT GEL Touch Nail Polish.

These fast-drying, hard-wearing shades glide on for easy-to-achieve flawless coverage that will leave your fingers looking fresh all summer long. $7.00"

THEFACESHOP FACE IT GEL Touch Nail Polish in GL 111

This polish has a fairly thin consistency, despite the "GEL Touch" name. This formula dried pretty quickly, which makes me really happy! I had to use three coats for a mostly opaque finish. This polish looks a lot more opaque in real life than it does it photos. However, I still do wish that it was completely opaque, and it'd be even better if it only took 2 coats for that to happen! GL 111 is a yellow gold colour, and it's exactly what I would expect from a glittery gold polish!

So, will I be wearing this nail polish on my wedding day? Probably not. It's not that I don't like this polish, it's just that I want something a bit more opaque for my special day! I do love super shiny and quick drying formula, so it's still a line that I would definitely recommend that you check out!

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