Friday, 7 August 2015

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Nail Polish

Happy Friday friends! Today I have the four Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Nail Polishes* to share with you. These polishes will be wonderful for the cooler Fall months, but at $27 each are they worth the splurge...? Read on to find out!

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Nail Polish

Cosmopolite is a berry red that has great pigmentation in 2 coats. I did find that this polish dried to a very dull finish, so you'll definitely want to finish things off with a high shine top coat. 

Dior Vernis Cosmopolite

Darling Blue is a gorgeous metallic blue polish that's opaque in two coats. I didn't have any staining with this polish, which is normally a huge concern of mine with blue polishes!

Dior Vernis Darling Blue

Metropolis is an army green polish with slightly grey undertones.While this polish was both opaque and had a shiny finish, I did get significant chipping after just 24 hours. 

Dior Vernis Metropolis

Miroir is a beautiful metallic silver polish that's pretty much opaque in just one coat, but I decided to use two coats just to be sure. This polish does dry with some brush stroke marks, but it's not bad for a metallic polish.

Dior Vernis Miroir

At $27 each, I'm not sure that any of these polishes are really worth the splurge. The wear time of these polishes didn't impress me, and none of the shades are super unique. I think that you would be able to find similar shades at a fraction of the price from a brand like Essie, OPI, or even essence. However, I do think that Dior polishes would make a great gift, since it's not something that most women would splurge on for themselves!

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  1. I couldn't believe how reflective mirror was and I feel like the formula/finish is way better than the other silver foils I have tired so I was really happy with the result :) Definitely a treat though!


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