Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dior Vernis in 552 Smile, 588 Tribale & 892 Be Dior

Yesterday I shared 4 of the new Dior Addict Lipstick shades, and today I'm back with three shades of Dior Vernis -  552 Smile*, 588 Tribale* & 892 Be Dior*. These shades compliment the lipsticks, although the shades don't match exactly.

Dior Vernis in 552 Smile, 588 Tribale & 892 Be Dior

Dior Vernis in 552 Smile, 588 Tribale & 892 Be Dior

First up is 552 Smile, a shimmering coral polish. This polish had excellent pigmentation - almost fully opaque in just a single coat! I did decide to use two coats just to deepen the colour, but you might be able to get away with just one layer. This is a shade that I think I would absolutely love as a pedicure colour.

Dior Vernis in 552 Smile

Next we have 588 Tribale, which is a shade that really surprised me! I'll be honest, in the bottle, this shade did nothing for me. However, once it was on my nails I was really able to see the full effect of this polish. The creamy pinky beige base comes to life with the power of golden shimmers. This is a great neutral polish with a twist!

Dior Vernis in 588 Tribale

Dior Vernis in 588 Tribale

Finally, we have 892 Be Dior, which is a metallic purple polish. This is another polish that was almost a one-coater. However, the second coat did deepen the colour and make everything look a bit better. This shade dried to a super shiny finish, and it actually dried really quickly!

Dior Vernis in 892 Be Dior

My favourite shade from this bunch is definitely Tribale, which surprised me! I normally gravitate towards brighter polishes, but this one really drew me in. At $31 a pop, these are definitely a splurge item (what else did you expect from Dior?), but the formula of all three polishes is superb, and I think that warrants a higher price tag.

Have you ever splurged on a Dior polish?

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