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Travel Diaries Barcelona: Experience Zero Gravity at Flotarium

During our time in Barcelona for our honeymoon, Dylan and I visited Flotarium for a unique spa-like experience. Travelling can be exhausting (but oh so worth it!), so I think it's important to try to pamper yourself and to take some time to relax and unwind throughout your travels. Floating was a completely new and exciting concept to me, and Dylan was a bit skeptical of the whole experience heading into it. Keep reading to learn all about floating, and why I think that it's something that you should try out for yourself!

Flotarium Barcelona

The Flotarium is very easy to find, just a few minutes walk from the Diagonal metro stop. Flotarium has a very clean, inviting atmosphere, and a nice waiting area. Once your room is ready, you can get a quick run through the procedure. You have to shower before floating, and there is a personal shower in each room, along with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. After showering, you can insert the provided earplugs, and step into the flotation tank. You can wear a bathing suit if you want, but it is recommended to wear nothing at all to get the full benefits and to feel truly weightless. 

Flotarium Barcelona

If you've never heard of floating as a spa treatment, it's really quite simple. Each flotation tank (pictured above) is 2.5m x 1.6m in size. The tank contains a solution of 600 liters of water and 300 kilos of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), which mimics the density of the Dead Sea. You float effortlessly, which is incredibly relaxing. It is recommended to close the door, turn off the music, and close your eyes, which is exactly what I did. The sessions are an hour in length, which I initially thought would feel like a lifetime in the flotation tank, but it actually went by way too quickly! The whole experience took a few minutes to get accustomed to, and to let my body fully relax, but after that I was hooked. I actually was so relaxed that I fell asleep for the last half hour (as did Dylan)! When your session is up, the music will start up again, and the door to the flotation tank will open. You'll want to shower again to remove all of the salt from your skin and hair. After my session, I was incredibly relaxed - my muscles were soothed, my mind was calm, and my skin was soft! 

Flotarium Barcelona

A one hour session costs €35, but you can also purchase multiple sessions for a bit of a discounted price (more info here). The Flotarium in Barcelona was highly professional, clean, and I would highly recommend booking a floating session if you're travelling to Barcelona. Dylan and I both left the Flotarium feeling relaxed and pampered, which is exactly how you should feel on your honeymoon!

Have you floated before? If not, would you be open to trying it out?

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