Sunday, 25 October 2015

OPI Infinite Shine in Purpletual Emotion

Happy Sunday friends! I'm back with another polish from OPI's Infinite Shine line - Purpletual Emotion* I've recently unfortunately had to trim my nails after I had a few bad breaks, so please excuse the short mani! Hopefully my nails will be in better shape soon, but for now we'll just have to deal with these stubs... 

OPI Infinite Shine in Purpletual Emotion

OPI's Infinite Shine polishes come packaged in typical OPI bottles, with a shiny silver cap. I think that these bottles are super chic, and they definitely look like they belong in a salon. This line also has OPI's ProWide brushes, which I absolutely love, they make applying polish in one or two strokes a reality. This is a three step system, so there are also a bast coat and top coat available, which I've also been using alongside Purpletual Emotion. This purple polish was opaque in two coats, and I absolutely love this deep purple colour! I think that this is a really great Fall/Winter shade, and it's definitely one that's worth checking out. 

OPI Infinite Shine in Purpletual Emotion

Have you tried any of OPI's Infinite Shine polishes yet? There are 30 new shades, so there will definitely be something for everyone! If you crave that high shine finish of a gel polish, without having to make a trip out to the salon, then I'm sure you'll love this formula!
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  1. I love this shade! And your nails still look great. I actually find darker colours sometimes look better on shorter nails and so it's a great time to pull out all the vampy purples and blacks ;)

    i do love those silver caps, super chic like you said.

    1. Aw thanks Zoe! I agree, darker polishes are definitely my friend right now!


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