Monday, 16 November 2015

Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

You know when a product is just (almost) too cute to use? Yup, that's Lush's Peeping Santa Bubble Bar* ($6.95)! In my opinion, this is hands down the cutest product in Lush's Christmas range this year, so of course it was the first one that I tried out! And boy, I'm glad I did!

Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

"Have you been naughty or nice this year? Only Peeping Santa knows for sure, so you should probably crumble him up in your tub before he tells everyone your secrets! Made with hand-churned shea butter from the Ojoba women's cooperative in Ghana and creamy fair trade cocoa butter, this bubbler will keep winter skin soft and smelling like sweet summer strawberries. What more could you ask for this Christmas?" - Lush

Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
The moment before this cutie met his cruel, cruel fate

While this bubble bar is incredibly cute, and you might be tempted to just keep it around so you can adore it, I really urge you to actually use it. Simply crumble this cutie under your running bath water, and bubbles will start to form. Now, my water pressure isn't the greatest, so you'll hopefully get more bubbles than I did. Nonetheless, I still got a fair amount of bubbles to splash around in. 

Peeping Santa has an incredible strawberry scent to it, that I absolutely love. This scent isn't holiday themed at all, but it's so delicious that I just don't care. My skin was left strawberry scented for a few hours post-bath, and I couldn't help but keep sniffing my arm! The Shea and cocoa butters in this formula will leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated, so you can go ahead and skip the moisturizer after your bath. 

Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

I'm sad to see this little guy go, and I might have to pop into my local Lush to pick up a few more before the holiday season is over! I still have a few more Christmas items from Lush to share my reviews on, but you can see my holiday overview here in the meantime. 

Have you checked out Lush's Christmas range yet? What's one product that you find too cute or beautiful to use?

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