Saturday, 14 November 2015

mark. Sparkle Fragrance Collection

Today I have a fun collection from mark. to share with all of my glitter/shimmer lovers! mark.'s Sparkle Fragrance Collection* includes a shimmer soap, shimmer lotion, and an EDT spray, which you can pick up for yourselves, or as gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

mark. Sparkle Fragrance Collection

mark. Sparkle Fragrance Collection

I quite like the packaging of this collection - it's fun yet still simple and classic. All three products have the same scent, which is made up of notes of flirty strawberry, playful pink jasmine, and addictive chocolate essences - yum! 

mark. Sparkle Fragrance Collection

mark.'s Sparkle Shimmer Soap ($14) is actually quite gritty and exfoliating, due to the heavy amount of shimmer in the formula. This isn't advertised as an exfoliating soap, so I was quite surprised when I first used it! Honestly, it can be a bit too abrasive at times, so this definitely isn't for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. 

mark. Sparkle Shimmer Soap

mark.'s Sparkle Eau de Toilette Spray ($38) comes packaged in a pretty clear bottle with a golden pump and a shimmery golden background. This EDT smells incredible, but I do find that I have to reapply every 4-6 hours, which is typical of an EDT. 

mark. Sparkle Eau de Toilette Spray

mark.'s Sparkle Shimmer Lotion ($22) has a fairly thick consistency, making it a great option to combat dry Winter skin! As you would expect, this lotion is packed full of golden shimmers. The sparkles are a bit overwhelming, and I think I would have really enjoyed this lotion if there weren't any shimmers, or if the shimmers were more low-key. However, if you're a serious shimmer lover, then I think you'd really like this, and the scent is absolutely incredible. 

mark. Sparkle Shimmer Lotion

Overall, I absolutely love the scent of this collection, it's incredibly delicious! However, there was a bit too much shimmer in the lotion, and the soap was a bit too gritty for my liking. The EDT was quite nice, and would be my top pick from this collection!

Are you a shimmer lover? 

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