Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap

Happy Saturday friends! Today I have another product to share with you from Lush's Christmas Collection - Reindeer Rock Soap* ($6.95/100g)! I featured this soap in my Lush Stocking Stuffers post, but I figured that I was enjoying it enough to warrant a full review! :)

"Take a trip to the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia where herds of deer roam in search of wild lingonberry shrubs. These evergreen trees bear tart, juicy berries rich in soothing qualities that your dry, winter skin will drink up. We've made this sparkling soap full of the fruit to leave you refreshed, comforted and ready for the Christmas rush." - Lush

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap

From the side, Lush's Reindeer Rock Soap could almost pass for a lump of coal, but it's actually dark purple in colour. The top of the soap is coated in silver micro glitter, and a reindeer design. Each slab of soap will have a slightly different design, depending on how it was cut. 

This soap has a very fruity fragrance to it, with notes of lingonberry, which deer like to eat! I don't normally go for fruity scents, so I was surprised by how much I liked this soap! This isn't one of Lush's creamy soap formulas, so you won't get an amazing lather from it, but that will also mean that your slab of soap will last a bit longer. The berry fragrance lingers on my skin for a few hours after showering, but it isn't too intense or noticeable. 

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap

You still have time to pick up a piece of Lush's Reindeer Rock Soap for yourself, or as a last minute Christmas gift! I think that most girly girls and Lushie's would love a slab of a Lush soap in their stocking at Christmas - I know I would! 

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  1. This sounds really nice! I love everything Lush!

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