Friday, 15 January 2016

Formula X #ColourCurators January 2016

Well hello again! Have you heard about Formula X's #ColourCurators 2016 yet? It's a super exciting collaboration between social media influencers and Formula X. Each month for 2016, Formula X is teaming up with a beauty, fashion, or wellness powerhouse to bring us 3 new polishes. Each curated collection is a one-month exclusive, so you've got to act fast! The first influencer is Aimee Song from Song of Style, who's bringing us three very flirty and feminine polishes for January!

Formula X #ColourCurators January 2016

First up is Mintfluencer*, which is a beautiful creamy mint polish. A good mint polish is a must-have in every polish collection, and this one from Formula X is quite good. I used two thick coats for a mostly opaque finish, although if you look closely there are some very faint streakiness.

Formula X Mintfluencer

Formula X Mintfluencer

Girl's Best Friend* is a very pale pink polish with a creme formula. This polish applied very similarly to Mintfluencer, in that it was mostly opaque but still a little bit streaky and patchy if you look carefully. This is a very pretty feminine colour, but it's not the best pale pink polish that I've tried. 

Formula X Girl's Best Friend

Formula X Girl's Best Friend

And lastly we have Nude For You*, which you guessed it, is a nude polish. Nude For You definitely had the best formulation from these three polishes - I was able to achieve a fully opaque colour in just two coats. I didn't get any streaking, bald spots, etc. from this polish, which is quite good for a nude colour! Even though this formulation was really great, I didn't find that this super pale nude looked all that flattering on my nails. I'm all for a neutral nail, but this one matches my skin tone almost perfectly, which I didn't find to be all that flattering. But that's just my personal opinion! 

Formula X Nude For You

So there you have it - the three new, limited edition Formula X #ColourCurators for January 2016! Next month I'll be sharing three new polishes that were created with the help of beauty vlogger Patrick Starrr, so stay tuned for those swatches! 

Which of these three pale pastel polishes is your favourite?

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  1. That mint is super pretty! Too bad the formula was a bit streaky :(

    1. I love a good mint polish! But ya, the streaks definitely weren't ideal!


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