Wednesday, 13 January 2016

THEFACESHOP Protect Me! Hand Cream Set

 THEFACESHOP always comes out with ridiculously adorable products, and their Protect Me! Hand Cream Set* is absolutely no exception. These little hand creams are packaged in plastic egg shaped containers, each with a different animal on it, and a different scented hand cream inside!

THEFACESHOP Protect Me! Hand Cream Set

Once you twist off the lid, you'll find a little pot of hand cream. I'll admit that this isn't the most efficient, travel-friendly, or convenient packaging out there, but it sure it adorable. I wouldn't take these hand creams with me in my purse, as they're a bit bulky, but they'd be great to keep at your desk at work or on your nightstand. Each of these hand creams has a different animal on it, and each of these cute animals have names. First up is the beige "egg" - Ocelot, which has a really yummy cocoa scent to it. Then there's the green "egg" - Lesser Panda, with a subtle avocado scent. And finally we have the yellow "egg" - Fennec Fox, with a delicious mango scent to it! 

THEFACESHOP Protect Me! Hand Cream Set

THEFACESHOP Protect Me! Hand Cream Set

All three of these hand creams are super creamy and hydrating, but they also absorb into my skin quickly, and they don't leave an oily residue at all. My hands feel smooth and velvety soft afterwards, and I'm still able to open doors right away without my hands slipping all over the place! These three scents are all fairly subtle, so I don't really notice the scents after I've applied the hand cream. 

THEFACESHOP Protect Me! Hand Cream Fennec Fox

If you're into really adorable skin care and cosmetics (who isn't!?), then I'd definitely recommend checking out THEFACESHOP. This Protect Me! Hand Cream Set is pretty much the cutest skin care set that I've ever seen, and the actual hand creams themselves are quite great as well! 

Have you checked out any of the adorable products from THEFACESHOP? What do you think of these cute hand creams?

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