Tuesday, 12 January 2016

What I Ate In A Day #2 - Vegan

Well hello my friends! Today I'm back with another What I Ate In A Day post (you can see my first post in the series here)! I absolutely love watching and reading other What I Ate In A Day posts, so I'm happy to be continuing on with this series here on my blog. I am vegan, and I hope that these food posts can give other vegan some meal ideas, and maybe even inspire non-vegans to incorporate some vegan meals into their diets.

For breakfast I had some overnight oats, which are kind of my new obsession. I have always been a huge oatmeal lover, but mostly for those tiny Quaker packets that never actually fill you up. When I discovered overnight oats on Pinterest, I was instantly intrigued. I have memories of my mom trying to cook homemade oatmeal for my brother and I when we were kids, and it was just awful. I don't think she added anything to the oats, so it just tasted like mush. So I went into this expecting the worst, but I'm happy to say that I was very pleasantly surprised! This time I went with oatmeal raisin oats, but you can get quite creative and make any flavour combination that you like! I also made a strawberry banana smoothie with Silk's Vanilla Almond Milk & chia seeds, and I had a small tub of Yoso's Soy Yogurt in the Vanilla flavour. A good vegan yogurt is quite hard to find, so I was really happy when I finally stumbled upon this formula from Yoso!

Vegan Breakfast

As I've mentioned before, I like to keep lunch quite easy, and pasta is one of my go-to dishes. On this day I decided to make one of my favourite pasta meals - mac & cheeze! This recipe is super easy to make - start by cooking your favourite type pasta as you normally would. Then, combine a tablespoon of vegan margarine (I normally use Becel's Vegan Margarine, but Earth Balance is another great option), two tablespoons of non-dairy milk (I used Silk's Vanilla Almond Milk because that's what we had on hand, although a non-vanilla option might be better for this recipe), and about 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is something that I use in a lot of my cooking, as it's a great source of vitamin B12. It has a cheesy flavour to it, which makes it a great main ingredient for mac & cheeze. You can also add in a bit of garlic powder, paprika, and salt, depending on your preferences. Heat up that mixture, and then mix in your cooked pasta. I always add in a bunch of ketchup, cause I'm a slight ketchup addict. 

Vegan Mac & Cheeze

For an afternoon snack I had a pear and a red delicious apple, but I forgot to photograph them! 

For dinner, you can't beat a good stir fry. If I'm feeling a bit lazy, stir fries are always my go-to option. Simply chop up some veggies & throw them in a wok, and cook up some rice. For this stir fry I went with yellow onions, a massive amount of carrots, corn, Gardein's Beefless Tips, and a garlic hoisin sauce. These beefless tips are probably my favourite product from Gardein, they're seriously delicious, and super easy to cook! 

Vegan Stir Fry with Gardein Beefless Tips

And, since I have such a sweet tooth you can't possibly forget about dessert! My latest addiction has been with Daiya's Strawberry Cheezecake. This definitely isn't the healthiest dessert out there, but I can turn a blind eye to the high fat content because this is just that good. I'm definitely wanting to try out the other cheezecakes from Daiya - chocolate and key lime sound pretty freaking good to me!

Daiya Strawberry Cheezecake

Throughout the entire day I'm also making sure that I'm drinking a lot of water - a habit that I've just formed in the past 6 months. So there you have it - what a typical vegan eats in a normal day! I hope that I was able to give you a bit of meal prep inspiration and product recommendations :) Let me know what foods you've been loving recently, and if you're tempted to cook up any of the foods that I've been eating!

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  1. Everything looks so yummy! I'll need to try out that vegan KD :)

  2. Ooh it all sounds very appetising! Thanks for sharing!!!

    -Sophie xx


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