Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lush Roses All the Way Soap

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I know that this Hallmark-made holiday is a bit cheesy, but I actually like celebrating it! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or "Galentine's" Day, I'm sure that you'll love Lush's latest limited edition collection! Today I have Lush's Roses All the Way Soap* ($7.95) to share with you, which is a brand new product this year.

"Made with a fresh rose infusion and rose oil, you might just want to pick up a dozen of these rose-scented soaps for all the loves in your life. This rose-shaped soap will gently fade to a soft creamy color as you lather up, treating your skin to a delicate and rosy experience. It's a luxurious soap with a soft scent that will please all the rose lovers on your list." - Lush

Lush Roses All the Way Soap

Roses All the Way is a rose & heart shaped soap that is a light pink/white colour. On Lush's website, this soap is a deep red colour, so I feel like that's a bit of false advertising. Regardless, I still think that this soap is really cute & girly, so the colour discrepancy isn't a huge deal. This soap has a really nice rose scent to it, which was to be expected. I don't find that this scent lingers at all on my skin, which will be a positive or negative depending on your personal preferences. Roses All the Way is a super creamy soap that lathers up very well, and the addition of coconut oil means that this soap is quite hydrating. However, I do find that I tend to use up Lush's creamy soaps much more quickly compared to Lush's "clear" soaps that aren't as hydrating. You can extend the life of this soap by storing it somewhere where it won't get wet in between uses. 

Lush Roses All the Way Soap

I'm really quite happy with this new launch from Lush! I like it better than last years' Neon Love Soap, since Roses All the Way is more hydrating and the rose scent is just divine! This is a limited edition product, so do pick up a bar ASAP if it sounds like something that you (or your Valentine) would enjoy! <3

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