Monday, 15 February 2016

OPI 5 Apples Tall

For this weeks' #ManiMonday feature, I've got another polish to share with you from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection5 Apples Tall* (which is apparently the height of Hello Kitty), is a creamy poppy red with some orange and pink undertones.

OPI 5 Apples Tall

OPI's 5 Apples Tall was perfectly opaque in just 2 coats, which always makes me happy! I wore this creamy poppy polish yesterday for Valentine's Day, and it was super festive without being too obvious. Sometimes pure red polishes feel a bit too bold, but OPI's 5 Apples Tall is totally wearable.

OPI 5 Apples Tall

All of the polishes from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection feature a pretty wrapped handle that's white with a bunch of Hello Kitty stamps. I really love this cute handle, because it's something that you don't really see a lot of from OPI!
OPI 5 Apples Tall

OPI's 5 Apples Tall isn't all that unique, but it's a pretty polish with a pretty great formula. I'm currently on day 3 of wear with no signs of chipping, which is pretty great for my nails! If you don't already have a polish this colour in your collection then I definitely think that it's worth picking up - especially since the Hello Kitty packaging is so adorable!

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  1. What a fun, cheery shade of red! Love the adorable Hello Kitty packaging too :)


    1. Thanks Jen! I know, the Hello Kitty packaging is just too fabulous!


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