Thursday, 4 February 2016

OPI My Pal Joey

Today I'm back with another polish from OPI's new Hello Kitty Collection! I've already swatched & reviewed Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, so check out that post if you missed it. Today we're talking about OPI's My Pal Joey*, which is a beautiful creamy blue with very impressive pigmentation. This polish is quite similar to one of my all time faves - Revlon's ColorStay Gel Envy in Wild Card!

OPI My Pal Joey

I was almost able to get away with a single coat of My Pal Joey, however I did add a second coat to make sure everything was even and fully pigmented. I would definitely recommend using a top coat with this polish, as I do with all creme polishes, just to enhance the polish's natural shine. 

OPI My Pal Joey

I think that OPI's My Pal Joey would also be a great pedicure shade! This type of blue will definitely bring you some attention, but at the same time I don't think that it's too wild of a colour. All of the polishes from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection feature a pretty wrapped handle that's white with a bunch of Hello Kitty stamps. I really love this cute handle, because it's something that you don't really see a lot of from OPI!

OPI My Pal Joey

My only complaint with this polish is about the wear time. My nails started to lightly chip just 12 hours after painting my nails - and that's with a base & top coat! My nails do generally tend to chip pretty quickly, but I always expect to get at least 2 full days out of any given polish!

OPI My Pal Joey

OPI's My Pal Joey is an absolutely beautiful blue polish with great pigmentation, but do know that you might experience chipping pretty quickly. That being said, this is a great fun polish for a night out or for a special occasion! Have you checked out OPI's new Hello Kitty Collection yet? What polish do you want me to swatch next?

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  1. Ah, such a cute, cheery shade! Channels the Hello Kitty vibe perfectly and so lovely for Spring :)


    1. Thanks Jen! I'm absolutely loving this blue!


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