Sunday, 13 March 2016

OPI Kitty White

Every collection from OPI tends to have at least one sheer polish in it, and today I have Kitty White* to share with you from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection! I'm not normally one for sheer polishes, but this shimmer looked quite pretty in the bottle so I decided to give it a chance. Keep reading to see how I ended up liking this sheer glitter!

OPI Kitty White

OPI's Kitty White is a very sheer (even after three coats!) shimmery polish. While it's really pretty in the bottle, it's just not doing it for me on my nails. I typically tend to stay away from sheer polishes, or solely use sheer glitters as a glitter topper. I'll have to try out Kitty White as a shimmery topper, because it's not something that I would wear again on it's own.

OPI Kitty White

OPI Kitty White

All of the polishes from OPI's Hello Kitty Collection feature a pretty wrapped handle that's white with a bunch of Hello Kitty stamps. I really love this cute handle, because it's something that you don't really see a lot of from OPI!

OPI Kitty White

Are you a fan of sheer polishes? Is OPI's Kitty White something that you'd be interested, or are you like me and tend to prefer more opaque polishes? 

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  1. Hmmm ya I'm not loving this one either :(

    1. Ya, I just can't handle sheer polishes!


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