Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What I Ate In A Day #10 - Vegan

Hello hello! I'm back with another What I Ate In A Day post, which I've been sharing with you every Tuesday (you can check out last weeks' post here)! I follow a vegan diet/lifestyle, so all of the foods that I'll be showing you today are meat, dairy, and egg free. As always, I drink a ton of water throughout the day!


For breakfast I decided to get a bit fancy and make crêpes! I really love pancakes and crêpes but I don't tend to make them too often, simply because they take more time to make compared to a simple smoothie. I topped these crêpes with banana slices, semi-sweet chocolate chips, Gay Lea's Coconut Whipped Cream, and of course maple syrup! Soooo good! 

Vegan Crêpes


I went for an easy sandwich for lunch, and this is something that I often make for my husbands work lunches. I used whole wheat bread, some vegan margarine, lettuce, a slice of Field Roast's Tomato Cayenne Chao Slices, and a few slices of Yves Veggie Ham Deli Slices. All of the flavours work so well together, and it's so easy to throw together! These Chao Slices are absolutely incredible, and my husband is obsessed with them!

Vegan Deli Sandwich

Alongside my sandwich I made a salad consisting of lettuce, carrots, cucumber, red cabbage, tomato, and balsamic dressing. 

Salad & Balsamic Dressing


I kept my snacks pretty fruity, starting off with a ripe nectarine! These are definitely not in season in Canada (and therefore quite pricey!), but I just couldn't resist them when I was doing my weekly produce shop!


I also had 2 kiwis and a pear, which are fruits that I almost always have on hand.

Kiwi Halved

Bartlett Pear


I'm a huge lover or burritos, so it's really a wonder why it took me so long to delve into the world of enchiladas! These Vegan Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas were so good that I made them again the very next day! The filling is made up of boiled sweet potatoes, black beans, and corn, and I used up the remainder of my Daiya Smoked Gouda Style Farmhouse Block on the top. I have a feeling that these are going to become a part of my regular dinner rotation!

Vegan Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas
I definitely had seconds, there was no way I could stop at two!


My husband had surprised me with a slice of Whole Foods' Chicago Diner Vegan PB Chocolate Cake, and it was absolutely delicious! He had gotten me the chocolate flavour of this cake for my birthday, but I think that I prefer the peanut butter & chocolate flavour a bit more - the PB flavouring is quite subtle! This cake is super rich, and it will definitely satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!

Whole Foods' Chicago Diner Vegan PB Chocolate Cake

Well there you have it! Another documented day of vegan eating! I hope you've gotten some food inspiration from this post, or at least some kind of idea of what a typical vegan eats in a normal day. Remember to check back next Tuesday for another What I Ate In A Day post!

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  1. Yet another food post that's making me drool! Those crêpes, the cake... Yum!!


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