Sunday, 15 May 2016

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Cream

Vichy has recently released two new Ideal Body Spa Shower products, and today I'll be sharing my review of their Gel-Cream*! These new products aim to “Turn your daily shower into a spa experience in just 20 seconds.” So of course, with claims like that, I couldn't wait to try it out!

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Cream

The packaging of Vichy's Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Cream is quite simple - a pinky beige plastic tube. This formula combines natural fundamental oils extracted from sunflower, rosa mosqueta, black currant, apricot, passion flower, coriander, macadamia and jojoba. These ingredients work together to provide instant & long-lasting hydrated, glowing, comfortable and softer skin! I don't find that this product has much of a scent to it, which I found a bit surprising, as I always appreciate scented products in the shower, especially when we're trying to create a spa-like experience!

This gel-cream formula lathers well on its' own, but I'd definitely recommend using it on a loofah for best results. I did find that my skin was well moisturized by this product, so you can skip the body lotion if you're in a rush.

Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Cream

All in all, this is a nice shower gel, but I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a "spa-like" product. I would have definitely preferred a stronger scent to this shower gel, and maybe a creamier or more luxurious feeling formula to really move it give it that spa feel to it.

Vichy is not a cruelty free company.

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