Thursday, 2 June 2016

bedface Super Sleep Set in Vibrant

Well hello and happy Thursday! I've been trying out what is claimed to be the "best damn sheets on the internet", and today I'm here to tell you whether or not I agree! bedface very kindly sent me their Super Sleep Set in Vibrant*, which I've been sleeping on for a few weeks now. 

bedface Super Sleep Set in Vibrant

I really like that you can order these multi-coloured sleep sets, it's a bit more exciting than your average monotone set that you'd find in a store. However, bedface does still sell more neutral toned sleep sets, if that's your thing. My package arrived pretty quickly in under a week, which was pretty impressive! However, the first thing that I noticed about these sheets were how wrinkly they were. They didn't come wrapped in plastic, which I definitely appreciate from an environmental standpoint. I thought that the wrinkles would ease up after I washed the sheets, but even after two rounds in the dryer, they were still very wrinkly. You can see in the photos just how wrinkly they are! Of course, I could have ironed the sheets, but who has time for that? Even after being on my bed for a week, the wrinkles were still just as bad. 

bedface Super Sleep Set in Vibrant

Another issue that I had with this sleep set was the sizing. My bed is a queen, so that's what I ordered, but the fitted sheet was a bit too big and looked a bit frumpy. The duvet cover was massive - my duvet barely filled up 3/4 of it! Also, the duvet covers have a snap closure, which both my husband and I were unsuccessful at closing even a single one of them, even after many, many attempts. Some of the stitching on my flat sheet were already coming apart after the first wash. Maybe my sleep set was an anomaly?

bedface Super Sleep Set in Vibrant

These sheets are made out of 100% cotton, and while they aren't super soft, they are nice. I do find them a bit warm, especially in the unusually warm weather that we've been having here in Ottawa lately. However, I'm definitely going to appreciate this warmth once Winter comes back around! All of the tags on bedface sheets have a fun message on them, like the one below:

bedface Super Sleep Set in Vibrant

So, while I haven't tried out any other sheet sets from the internet, I don't think that bedface's are the best. However, they do have a 100 night guarantee, so you can always return them if you're not fully satisfied. The Super Sleep Sets, which include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a duvet cover, and 2 pillow cases, retails for $246 (Queen). That price seems quite high to me, but if you do decide to order yourself a sleep set, use promo code "beyondblush" for 15% off your order!

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  1. Agree, these are VERY wrinkly! I've never had any sheets that didn't de-wrinkle in the dryer so I found these quite strange. And yes the sizing is so weird... everything is bigger than the standard size. For 246$ I can seriously get some amazing Egyptian cotton 1500 thread count sets on sale (I'm pretty sure my mom has found full sets for less than 100$).

    1. Ya, these were a bit of a let down for me - for the price, I was expecting a lot more!


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