Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What I Ate In A Day #45 - Vegan/Plant Based

Happy Tuesday! I'm back today with another What I Ate In A Day post (you can see last week's food diary here). I'm vegan, so of course everything I'm sharing is free from any sort of animal products/by-products. Of course I drink a ton of water throughout the day - I try to get in at least 8 cups every day.


Overnight oats are so easy to prepare the night before, and there are so many different flavour combinations that you can create! This morning's oatmeal was cinnamon blueberry, and it was delicious!

Blueberry Overnight Oats


As soon as the weather starts to dip down I instantly start to crave soup. My latest obsession has been this incredible Turmeric and Sweet Potato Soup from Thug Kitchen 101. I bought this cookbook on sale this Black Friday, and this was the first recipe that I tried. Well, this soup is delicious, and I have super high hopes for the rest of the recipes!

Turmeric and Sweet Potato Soup


Throughout the afternoon I snacked on an orange and an Asian pear. 

Small Navel Orange

Asian Pear


Keeping with the cold weather recipes, for supper I made a Butternut Squash Curry! Believe it or not, this was my very first time cooking with squash, but now I'm hooked. This coconut curry was creamy and delicious,

Butternut Squash Curry


I found this dark chocolate at a Dutch store here in Ottawa and had to try them out. OMG - so good! I'm not a fan of bitter dark chocolate, so I was really pleasantly surprised since this dark chocolate was really smooth and creamy, without any dairy. 

Droste Holland Dark Pastilles

So that rounds out another vegan food diary! I hope you'll check back next Tuesday to check out another food diary. What foods have you been loving lately?

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