Saturday, 1 April 2017

Going, Going, Blonde.

This week I decided to say goodbye to the purple hair. It was fun, but to be honest with you it was very high maintenance, and it brought me a bit too much attention for my liking. Seriously, I couldn't walk down the street without a complete stranger commenting on my hair. So, I was talking to my friend and hairstylist, Meghan, about what we could do to switch it up. At first I was wanting to go granny grey, but that also seemed like it was fairly high maintenance. Then I started thinking about going blonde, and I just couldn't shake the idea. My hair is naturally a dark golden blonde, but it's never been anywhere close to platinum. Since my hair had already been bleached out to go lilac, it was a no-brainer to go a super light blonde!

Blonde Lob

I've had long hair all of my life, but after cutting a few inches of 2 months ago, I have been thinking non-stop about going quite a bit shorter. Meghan gave me the most incredible lob that looks incredible both straight and curly. 

Curly Lob

Platinum Lob

Platinum Lob

This is such a big change for me, but like they say - life is too short to have boring hair! I'm absolutely loving the shorter cut, it feels so light and bouncy, and the blonde is just perfect. However, short hair is new to me, so if you have any lob styling tips, please send them my way!

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