Sunday, 30 July 2017

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

I recently rounded up five empty black pots from Lush and headed over to the Rideau Centre to trade them in for a fresh face mask! I've tried most of Lush's vegan face masks, and I've never been disappointed. I went into the store thinking that I would pick up Rosy Cheeks again, but then I saw the bright blue pot of Don't Look At Me, and I just had to try it out!

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Lush's Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask is Lush's most expensive fresh face mask, ringing in at $13.95 CAD. So, it's a great one to try out when you're taking part in Lush's recycling program. This bright blue mask is formulated with kaolin, ground rice, murumuru butter, organic silken tofu, and lemon juice. The lemon notes appear strongly in the scent of this face mask, making it a great one to use in the morning to wake you up.

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

I like to leave this mask on for about 15 minutes. This face mask doesn't dry completely, so it doesn't ever feel tight or uncomfortable. I like to splash a bit of water onto my face, and then exfoliate my face with the mask - the ground rice makes things very scrubby! After the mask is completely rinsed off, my face is so incredibly smooth and soft. Seriously, I don't think my face is ever as smooth as it is right after I use Don't Look At Me! I also feel like this mask works well to control oils without stripping my face completely. Apparently you can use this mask all over your body, but that would be quite the pricey indulgence. 

Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Lush's Don't Look At Me is absolutely a winner in my books! I love how this mask helps to gently exfoliate my skin, while also nourishing and hydrating. Even though this is Lush's priciest fresh face mask, I do think that it would be worth the splurge every once in a while.

What are your favourite fresh face masks from Lush?

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  1. Hmm, wow didn't think this is their most expensive mask!
    I think I found the rice bits too abrasive, rosy cheeks is still my cup of tea!


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