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Newborn Baby Essentials

While I was pregnant, I read a ton of newborn essential blog posts in preparation for my little one's arrival! It can be so confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out what products you need, especially when you haven't even met your baby yet. Every child is different, so today I'll be sharing what worked for my daughter, Mischa. These products may or may not work for your baby, but they do get the stamp of approval from me!

Newborn Baby Girl
Mischa at 5 days old!

Boppy Newborn Lounger ($49.99): I received this as a gift at my baby shower, and I'm really not sure what we would have done without it! I love this lounger as it's a great safe and cozy spot for me to put Mischa in when I'm not able to hold her (going to the washroom, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, etc.). When your baby is so little, you can't just set the down on the hard floor, so this lounger was incredibly handy. My daughter is now 3.5 months old and we still use it. My only complaint with this product is that the cover isn't removable, so it isn't easy to wash. Luckily, we haven't had any poop explosions or spit up on the lounger yet, but the bottom does get dirty and I would like to be able to easily throw the cover in the wash. However, the entire pillow itself is machine washable. This lounger isn't safe for sleep, but it's perfect for awake time!

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump ($18.99): I first learnt about this product from Jillian Harris' Instagram stories! This is such a genius product, you simply attach it to one breast while you're feeding your baby on the other breast. The silicone pump catches your let down, and you can save this milk to bottle feed. I used this pump a ton in the beginning, as I needed to relieve some engorgement, but I didn't want to use my electric pump and increase my supply too much. I still use my Haakaa every morning, as my daughter sleeps through the night and I need some help relieving engorgement while she eats on one side. This "pump" has helped to build up my freezer stash, and it doesn't even feel like you're pumping! My only complaint with the Haakaa is that if your baby is an active eater, they can sometimes punch or kick off the pump, so you do have to have one hand on it.

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Blooming Bath Baby Bath ($59.99): I actually bought this second hand off of Marketplace, and I see them on there all the time! I think I paid $15 for mine, so I would recommend trying to find a second hand option if you can! I absolutely love this bath flower, it fits well into our kitchen sink, and allows us to bathe Mischa standing up, instead of hunching over the bath tub. You also save on water, as you just have to fill up your sink instead of the entire tub. This flower is plush, and Mischa seems to find it pretty comfy - she loves bath time! After we bathe her, we hang up the flower on a hook that we place in our shower, and let it dry.

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing ($189.97): This swing was SUCH a lifesaver! A family member lent it to us, and we couldn't be more grateful. Yes, this swing does take up a lot of floor space, but it is so worth it. Mischa absolutely loves this swing, and in the earlier days it was the only way that I could put her down. She loves the swinging motion, the lullabies, and the lights. You can swing side to side or front to back, and you can also choose the speed of the swinging motion. Mischa is the type of baby that needed to be held 24/7, but she would let me put her in this swing for 15-30 minutes so I could eat/clean/etc. At 3.5 months old, we aren't using this swing quite so often anymore, as now Mischa let's us put her just in her Boppy Lounger, and she's also now napping in her crib, which gives me much more time throughout the day! But for those first 2.5 months, this was an absolute must have.

Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light & Time-to-Rise ($79.99, use your 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon!): Yes, this is an expensive sound machine, but I don't regret this purchase for a second. In the early days, I used this as a soft nightlight for night feedings. You can customize the colours of the light and the sounds of the machine, and you can even have preset options. Right now I have a yellow toned light as one setting, and the traditional static white noise sound as another setting. Now that Mischa is sleeping in her nursery, I play the white noise all night long, and she seems to sleep well with it! Having the white noise machine going in the evenings makes me feel like I don't have to tip toe around the apartment, as the machine is blocking out some of our noise. I love the Hatch app, as I can use Bluetooth to turn on or off the machine from my phone, which has definitely come in handy many times!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light & Time-to-Rise

Milk Snob Multi Use Baby Car Seat Cover ($49.95) First of all, these covers are SO pretty! Milk Snob has so many different prints and designs, there's bound to be something for everyone's taste/style. I have the print Magnolia, which is a beautiful floral. So far I've used this as a car seat cover and a nursing cover, and when Mischa is a bit older I'm sure I'll use it as a shopping cart cover. When Mischa was very young, I loved putting this over her car seat when I had to bring her into stores with me, as it really discourages people from touching your baby. I will note that you shouldn't keep this cover on while driving, or on your stroller on warm days as the cover can trap the heat in, and your baby could get too warm.

Milk Snob Multi Use Baby Car Seat Cover in Magnolia

Copper Pearl Burp Cloths ($29.95 for a pack of 3): I bought some burp cloths while I was pregnant, but once I discovered these from Copper Pearl there's no going back! They are so plush, soft, and absorbent. Plus, they come in such beautiful prints! Thankfully, Mischa doesn't tend to spit up much, but she can be a bit of a messy eater. So, whenever I'm nursing her at home I actually tuck one of these burp cloths into my nursing bra, and then whatever she dribbles while she's eating gets absorbed by the burp cloth and my bra is nice and dry!

Copper Pearl Burp Cloths

Skip Hop Wipe Clean Changing Pad in Light Grey ($104.95): Yes, this is a very expensive change pad! I was able to get mine on sale, I think for around $80. I definitely think that this product is worth the investment, and I haven't regretted the purchase at all. I love that this change pad just wipes clean. Traditional change pads are soft and made of foam, and you have to put a cover over it, like a pillow case. Every time the baby pees or poops during a diaper change (which happens a lot!), you have to change and was the cover. With this change pad from Skip Hop, you simply wipe the surface clean and dry, and continue on! Anything that saves me a bit of laundry is a winner these days! This change pad also comes with a mobile, which Mischa absolutely adored when she was about 2 months old. Now, at 3.5 months, she doesn't really seem that interested in it anymore, so I might remove it soon.

Skip Hop Wipe Clean Changing Pad in Light Grey

I'm sure there have been other products that we've loved during the newborn stage, but these were the products that were absolute game changers for us! Now that Mischa is out of the newborn stage, she's starting to be a bit more aware of her surroundings, and wanting to be entertained while she's awake. Maybe in a month or two I'll share my favourite products and toys for a 2-4 month old!

What were your absolute must haves during the newborn period?

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